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Develop more tolerance for those who see things differently than you do, instead of going into a smug rant at the first sign of disagreement. You cannot be right at all times and it would beneficial for you to accept that others may indeed be correct some of the time. Try not to criticise a concept before fully thinking it through. This placement may make you sceptical of anything you encounter until strong proof has been shown to you of its merit. Use your good intuition and connection to the spiritual realm to discover the evidence yourself instead.

Try to pace yourself and start to do one thing at time. It is not always easy to share living quarters with you as you often lack patience, become easily agitated with others, and behave in a grouchy manner. A bit like a spoiled child, if you do not get your way, you show your displeasure with fits of rebellious resistance.

It would be beneficial for you to keep physically active and disperse the enormous amount of restlessness within you.

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You are naturally assertive and spirited, easily fighting for the things that you believe in or for others that are being taken advantage of. However, you must develop self-restraint if you are to reach your full potential. Competition spurs you on and you are driven to beat out all others in the game of your choosing or even just in general. Sometimes attracting with honey is far more conducive to accomplishing your goals than using brute force; be more diplomatic when interacting with people.

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You work diligently, bravely, and energetically. Try to be more lenient on yourself and others when something goes array as no one is perfect, not even you. Sometimes you have built up such a name for yourself that you do a complete turn-around and laze about, expecting your previous work will tide you over. Your anger may be explosive at times, especially when you are wounded on an emotional level, and you must find a way to restrain yourself.

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Try to think through your feelings before they take over. Your general lack of patience and constant rushing about makes you susceptible to accidental injuries, particularly involving heat or sharp objects. You can be reckless because you do not plan your actions ahead. You have a negative reaction to any sort of perceived restriction on you and can be a bit of a rule-breaker.

As a leader, it is imperative that you curb your dominance or you will be seen as a tyrannical dictator rather than a leader. Vengeful thoughts are not healthy for you and you need to release your anger towards others for their offenses. It is likely that you will be wasteful with your financial resources and can be prone to dishonesty. Innately, you are aware that anything worth having takes time and dedication. Therefore, you patiently put forth whatever efforts are necessary for the task at hand.

You are able to invoke great self-discipline and restraint while you are working towards a goal. Having to put in hard labour consistently throughout, does not deter you in the slightest.

You are disciplined, devoted, coordinated, methodical, detailed, and able to wait as long as is needed in order to acquire what you want. Leadership roles come naturally to you and you make a fine administrator, able to focus completely on what needs to be done.

Others might view you as a square; however they are aware that you are reliable, responsible, and can be counted on. People are confident that you will be there when they need you. You are able to curb your emotional reactions and will persevere during difficult times without complaint. Often you believe that you cannot depend on anyone but yourself and that there is a great weight placed upon you.

You have high expectations for both yourself and other people, coming across as an authoritarian. However, despite this harshness, deep down you are rather insecure in your own abilities. You are afraid of failing or making mistakes and often go through quite a lot to be sure that these things do not come to pass.

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You can feel as though the universe is constantly throwing a wrench into the works, keeping you from attaining your plans. But you gather whatever energies you have inside of you and keep on. It is exactly your dedication and perseverance that result in success. You are driven and ambitious, with a great amount of energy and a strategic mind. You enjoy building something that will last. Your energy may be concentrated towards attaining a powerful position and leading others. Though it is likely that you take on a conventional, traditional outlook and may not be willing to put effort into something that you believe has a possibility of failing; you want a sure thing and will not take a gamble.

If you never take a chance, you may miss many opportunities. Be confident and give the unknown a try sometimes, more than likely you will find an endeavour that will be a success, as you are prone to completing whatever you take on. During times that you are feeling irritated or upset, you find it a challenge to reign in your temper and may explode at others.

It would be beneficial for you convey the issues that you are experiencing verbally, before they eat you up inside and you start to lash out. Either way, you must find a way to release the negative emotions that dwell in you. Keeping negative energy inside can manifest in physical ailments, particularly trouble with your kidneys. It may also be important that you restrict your sensuous nature or it will start to control you.

They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves.

In nature, a goat will strive to climb to the top of the hill and a Capricorn , being half goat, is no different. They will try to achieve great heights on their own merit. Capricorns are conventional, coordinated, systematic, dutiful, trustworthy, sincere, effective, reasonable, controlled, commanding, driven, serious, and willing to wait as long as is necessary to attain their goals. However, they can also be anxious, negative, penalising, doubtful, inflexible, and close-minded learn about compatibility with Capricorn here.

They do well in positions where they must utilise their excellent coordinating talents alongside their diligent nature and honourable work ethic. Coming up short on their responsibilities worries them. Due to their reserved demeanour, they may seem the lone-wolf type. Capricorns can put up impenetrable walls in order to maintain their safety from harsh realities. You cannot keep them from pursuing their dreams. They will cling to their obligations and take work very seriously. Capricorns feel inadequate somehow and this compels them to work harder to achieve.

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They desire the respect of others and wish to be looked up to. Capricorns enjoy strategising; they will make sure to analyse a situation thoroughly before deciding on a course of action. You can depend on them to come through during an emergency situation. They are also sound counsel, when needed. Capricorns are not usually hostile, though they can be intimidating if they feel threatened somehow. Often times a Capricorn will feel lonely and misunderstood, highly attuned to any slights directed their way.

If Capricorns are in a bad place mentally or emotionally, they may become punishing or vengeful towards those who have wronged them. However, they are exceptionally faithful to those they are closest to. Being esteemed, admired, and appreciated are vital to them. They feel most secure with a steady cash flow, as they are anxious to lose their material assets. Capricorns are unlikely to take risks in order to gain fortune, they would prefer to take the slow and steady course, investing in a sure bet. Not much will deter a Capricorn from their goal and they can muster enormous fortitude when they have decided on a course of action.

Instant gratification is not their style; they are aware that what is truly worth having will require many sacrifices. Working diligently and steadily can revitalise them. Capricorns are also likely to be frugal and enjoy forming collections of items precious or interesting to them.

Wastefulness is not something they can abide by. Wasting of their time is part of this; they prefer to spend time in conversation only when they have something they wish to convey. Capricorns will need to curb their insecurities in order to tap into their artistic potential; self-doubt will limit them.

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It is imperative that they develop confidence in their abilities and combat negative thinking patterns. Capricorns can accomplish anything if they only put their minds to it; where there is a will, there is a way and Capricorns definitely have a strong will! Capricorns are able to endure a great many challenges and delays in order to attain their objectives, which is important, as their road will be laden with them unfortunately. Going through these challenges causes them to learn discipline, fostering growth in enlightenment by releasing their focus on material aims.

Working may prove to be relaxing to a Capricorn; often they will use this as a form of escape from daily life. However, they can become workaholics if they are not careful. They do not really know how to unwind and are usually at their best when their lives are full of activities for them to do.