Maraka houses in vedic astrology

The chart for that special moment is Basics Muhurta Chart. Here it should be clearly understood that we have to takethe moment of Introduction starting of the event , not when it gets finished. Description Baadhaka Sometimes there is considerable obstruction to whatever we do and no good work is accomplished. The fate seems to be obstructed and in spite of constant will power, the obstruction persists.

Baadhaka means obstruction and this can take various forms from a simple irritant at times to terrible incurable diseases.

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Every sign has a sign of obstruction called Baadhaka sthana and its lord is called Baadhakesa. The Baadhaka sthana is Analysis determined based on the rasi where the Lagna is placed in a chart. In our analysis, we use only Baadhaka house. Examples The 3rd and 8th are the two houses of longevity and so, the 2 nd and 7 th houses are Mercury 6 21'49" Venus 9 49'37"r Steps To Follow Maaraka houses.

Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS)

As per Parashara, 2nd house is more powerful Maaraka house than 7 th Mars Jupiter 5 20 6'9" 53'46"r house. Saturn 27 27'38" Uranus 22 53'34" References Moksha Neptune 12 16'21" Pluto 19 6'15" The 12 th house about one's own exit from this world called 'Moksha sthana'. This house Books TrueNode 3 9'0"r Articles Chiron 24 49'24" also needs to analyze carefully as this is related to the life of the event. Explanationsofthesymbols Links Baadhaka houses are more harmful for life than Maaraka houses.

Muhurat Rules The rules can be found in the book " K. Muhurat - A Novel Technique in K.

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Anicent Indian Astrology Classes. Rahan RRahan. This idea can and is misunderstood in 40,, ways. The point of this little post is not to try and address all those misunderstandings but simply to explain why these two houses have the distinction of being death-causers. Two houses: the 1st House which is the physical body and the 8th house which is the lifeforce and longevity.

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The 2nd house is opposite from the 8th house, and the 7th house is opposite from the 1st! That is why these houses are the opposite of health giving. Some people say that the 2nd is 12 houses from the 3rd. The 3rd is 8 houses from the 8th and the 7th is 12 houses from the 8th.

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This is a unnecessarily complicated attempt to explain why the 2nd and 7th are death-causing — and it only makes a mess and confusion of how the houses work. For the rest, best to meet him. Where does health come from? Which houses?