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Recently, I came across the notes that I had made of their predictions for every period of 2 -3 years and I am rather amazed at the way that things have come to be, including child birth in the family, specific surgeries, injuries etc, job changes etc. I have no doubt that there are charlatans willing to exploit anything and make a fast buck. But, I will wait for some one to give me what is the method by which this information is being obtained before throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We had thought of someone taking our photos and doing back ground check, someone using hypnosis etc.

There were bits of information about ancestry that I did not know and had to come home to check up from my relatives.

Have you considered the possibiliy that they maybe using cold reading techniques? I would tend to agree with Mr Sathya since I too experienced same way. To my utter shock the details given by Nadi were too personal and embedded for them to do a cold reading. Since i am an engineer myself,I am very keen to understand if there is a science behind this or is it some type of fraud.

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If this is true my larger question will be if there exist a free will or everything is already written and coded? Of course I too have been a part of the same system but by practice through years managed to learn to think out of the box. There are so many variables for the events in our lives that it is quite difficult for an outsider to say how predictions were done for you. Some times these investigations reveal startling unexpected things which may be shocking. As for things being preordained you could go back into my older write up about the same.

If the man who reads the leaves had read his own would he have not known that on that particular day some one would come and feed him all misinformation? Why did he have to ask innumerable questions before identifying the leaves pertaining to the individual before him? Why the did the divine hand to assume such a one exists have not guided him to the proper document relevant to the client sitting before him? If everything has been preprogrammed, then what needed to be done was to keep a document ready to be handed over when the person walks in because all that has been decided before by the powers that be!

And, if this were the case how come it failed with everyone with whom I had gone?

Nadi Astrology : Future prediction by reading leaves

The best way for you to test this very objectively would be for you to go there next time with an envelope with a currency note. Since it would be preordained the reader would be knowing that you expect him to read the serial number of that he would do that on the spot and also give you the number before the envelope is opened and this could be easily verified.

Besides once he passes your test he can become eligible for a bigger one with me in which I will give him a stake money of Rs. Instead of arguing endlessly about such things one could prove conclusively once for all that nadi jotidam is an accurate science.

The Fraud Of Nadi Jothidam

Alternatively, the nadi expert could also predict the number of a lottery ticket and earn earn huge amounts by that instead of slogging it out in dingy shops touting for customers. I do not think it should be difficult for an expert who had told you many things about your personal life not known to any one else to do this petty thing by the high standards that you have ascribed to him. But, of course they have their escape routes and tell you that it has been predicted that they would fail and hence they would not do it!

So, here is a position where they always win! For the skeptic no proof is sufficient and for the believer no proof is necessary. However, one thing that strikes me about the entire approach is that when the entire enterprise is based on debunking and therefore is only seeking out instances that are suited to them. Should it be a really scientific experiment you need to gather both types of data….. My wife would have a very specific surgery 14 years after reading or that my very close relation would marry a divorcee with a 6 year old son.

I have been through the cold reading concept etc. He happened on nadi and went in. There were some which were quite interesting as he confessed to me.

Nadi Astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil - Real or Fake?

First he happened to be a very skeptic swede 72 years of age and thrice married with many grandchildren etc. The name they gave was sanahita or something like that he said which was wrong as the lady was named Nancy.

So he dropped it at that and a couple of months later, his wife happened to speak to her mother they were orginally from Srilanka and when the mother heard that this was the name give, the old lady screamed. That was the name they had given their daughter on birth and till two years, when they had converted to christianity, which the child never even knew herself. Well he happened to sell out his business to his own brother in law and moved back to Sweden as was told years ago…..

I have no agenda to prove this is a hoax nor do I have any vested interest in proving them right. I am intrigued, just as when I see magic. I follow all the skeptics to see if when the secret is revealed. Maybe there is some system they have in the background. Whatever it is has to be pretty sophisticated, or by now the whole secret of the system would have been out in the open.

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The Definition differs from person to person. And upto this instant moment acquired karma also can be included.

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Thus, so that not to effect so much of Sanchitha and Aagaami. Some Karmas are called Dhrudha Fixed Karmas, like birth, death etc. Which no body can change, at the most even Miracles may Postpone it…….. But everybody has to go through the Experience of Dhrudha Karmas which are known also as Prarabdha Karmas…. So it is all complex thing the Karma theories….. That is the Purpose of Life Births and Deaths.

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  • Soul is Never Born, Never Dies. All the Babas and Saints or religious people can only Bless and Send some Positive Vibrations and pray some times it may work or may not , when the weightage of other factors is also good. That was my point infact. Otherwise this world would have been at stand still.

    Best Wishes to All. Can You Tell me who is a real Vedic Brahmana? IS there anybody? Also what kind of Karma will that Brahmana Who cursed will undergo? Are you against Nadi Astrology or totally against Astrology? These are all to be Self Realized as there is plenty of knowledge to experience about Astrology which is spread world-wide….

    This was ancient tool used for decision making which has probability limit of max 0. For best results from astrology, one should visit trained, experienced astrologers to have max predictions.

    Poosamuthu nadi astrology vaitheeswaran koil

    Or else, with street side readings you are doomed to get predictions with probability limit upto 0. For instance, imagine watching a simple card trick where the suit of the card you pick out changes from hearts to clubs while you are holding the card in your hand.

    If the card magician tried to convince you that he actually changed the suit on your specific card from hearts to clubs using telekinesis of the plastic molecules, that is a fraud science and a fraud practitioner. If while claiming this, he actually did the trick using a thin coating of Polyesterene that he perfected for playing cards, that is real science, although a different one.

    He is still a fraud practitioner and the original science being claimed telekinesis still remains fraud. And if one day we discover that telekinesis is possible, this should still lend no credibility to him what so ever.