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You definitely don't want to take on any new responsibilities! This favors Aquarius to want to get their way and pushes it, Pisces reconnects with a friend or a woman Aries need to handle their own lives on their own, Taurus be nice don't lord it over anyone Gemini sees opportunities through your money making skills, Cancer don't be fooled or sensitive to Need more? Go to www.

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You were born for this moment in time. Today the Moon is in Aquarius and things are friendly but in a detached sort of way! This favors Aquarius to know exactly what to do to get ahead, Pisces has no problem working alone on their genius ideas Aries will tolerate a social event, party or mixed group of friends, Taurus needs more confidence and needs people to get ahead Gemini moves on to more serious money making endeavors, Cancer is just about "done with" someone Leo is attracte Terry knows!

Today the Moon is in Aquarius where you understand what others are going through.

Gemini Monthly Astrology Horoscope May 2019

This favors Aquarius to get their way and take the lead. It favors all the Air signs Gemini and Libra for good fortune. It brings opportunities to Aries and Sagittarius and gives Leo someone to trust but it's Aquarius who gets their way, Pisces manifests their dreams Aries has an idea and jumps right in to make it real Taurus has a great business idea Gemini Today the Moon is in serious Capricorn This favors Capricorn to get their way. It favors all the Earth signs Taurus and Virgo for good fortune. It brings opportunities to Scorpio and Pisces and gives Cancer someone to get along with like a BFF But it's Capricorn who shines today Aquarius should exercise caution and not be so persistent Pisces gets favors done and feels blessed Aries is back to being all business and needs money Taurus outs Happy Thanksgiving!

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Enjoy these last few days of Jupiter in the sign of his strength Sagittarius and bask in his blessings! Today it's the New Moon in fun loving Sagittarius! This favors Sagittarius to get their way and start something new. It favors all the Fire signs Aries and Leo too. It brings opportunities to Libra and Aquarius and gives Gemini someone to debate with. Capricorn is putting the finishing touches on their big projects Aquarius needs to branch out but may be focused on an ex Pisces is the bosses favorite Aries is bored and needs a change of pace Taurus is a money winner Gemini needs a crowd of new friends Cancer does everything on a large scale and to perfection Leo too needs to hear the roar of the crowds and wants to perform for them Virgo says there's no place like home, Libra has many ideas but needs to focus on one or two Scorpio splurges on themselves big time.

Today the Moon is dark in Scorpio and this favors Scorpio to hide their true motivations and get their way! Today the Moon is in Scorpio and this favors Scorpio to see things differently!

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But everyone benefits today! Venus, Jupiter and the Galactic Center are aligned for freedom and new experiences! Sagittarius beam me up Scottie! Grand things come your way if you're not frightened by them Capricorn has a guardian angel watching over him or her Aquarius is impulsive and some people disapprove Pisces has a grand idea for a career, business or new prof Cancer you win all conflicts and know what's important Leo forget your troubles it's a great day for love, Virgo is fine at home in their luxurious abode Libra look at the positive vibes all around you!

Today the Moon is in Venus ruled Libra and this favors Libra to look lovely and have their charms noticed Scorpio slips backwards and makes excuses for a past love Sagittarius can't helped but get swept up in something bigger and newer Capricorn reboots but brings something from the past with him or her Aquarius could talk anyone into jumping off the bridge with him or her Pisces a new job, business or direction makes you happy Aries has a gr Today the Moon is in Virgo The Moon in Virgo favors Virgo to get their way Libra has to make sure they have their tool boxes ready to go Scorpio could meet someone special Sagittarius is today's boss or boss lady Capricorn your talents are showing Aquarius is collecting and paying what's owed Pisces it's all about getting along with others Aries works hard to keep things running smoothly Taurus good fortune comes your way Gemini makes n Hey Mercury is now Direct!

Go ahead date someone new, start anew project and sign up for something or This week can be transformational, intense and heated. You can overcome long standing troubles, blockages and climb mountains.

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If your heart is in the right place and courage is your middle name. Something you might not want to do but know you have to do. He knew where he was. This week Know where you are. Follow me on twitter sexstrology.

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