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He loves you, he loves you not. With the Libra man, your relationship can feel like a pendulum, swinging wildly until it finally settles at a comfortable point. If that takes him five minutes or five years, so be it. You could already by his commonlaw wife by the time he drops to one knee. It depends on how well you complement each other.

The Libra man craves an interdependent, equally balanced relationship.

Everything You Need To Know About The Libra In Your Life

He wants you to be autonomous and capable of finding your own happiness, with or without him. Libra is the sign of the judge, so he subjects prospective mates to a lengthy evaluation before committing. This guy has a breathtaking sense of entitlement—only the best for Prince Libra!

Years can pass between his relationships, and he often marries late. Unfortunately, he also has a case of verbal diarrhea, and will babble out his whole messy thought process well within your earshot. Hello, insensitive. After reboot, you must return mature and self-possessed if you want to regain his favor. Even though he can be a spoiled brat, he has little tolerance for you being pouty, clingy or childish.

How To Attract A Libra Man: Our Astrology Experts Reveal The Top Secrets

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Libra Man 10 Things to Know!!

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Libra man is innately very charming and affectionate. This is one guy who masters the art of courtship and romance like no one else. Your marriage with Libra will be filled with sugary sweetness and divine sentimentalism. He has a sparking smile that you would find immensely hard to resist.

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Libra knows how to get his lady in the love trap. Libra knows exactly how to impress his lady. Ruled by Venus, your Libra love partner is a natural lover of beauty, glamour and luxury.

His fondness and admiration for beauty in the opposite sex and flirtatious behavior might be a source of some problems after marriage, however. This Libra Man Personality reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free! Libra man in marriage hates conflict and confrontation with his wife.

Too much argumentative behavior from your side will make him loose interest in you instantaneously.