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This aspect about them would probably the only thing that can clashes between the two.

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However, this does not mean that Aquarius does not have an open heart, they just do not drown themselves with their emotions. A relationship between a Pisces and an Aquarius is a love match that brings so much satisfaction. Both are idealistic, compassionate, and dream believers.

Detailed Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility Relationship

Aquarius is full of innovative ideas, where as Pisces can be their ever-loyal and supportive partner who would stand by them all throughout the way. Pisces are generous and Aquarius loves this character trait about them. Copyright Free Spiritual Guidance. There are so many similarities Pisces shares with Aquarius. Both amiable and sociable.

Neither has any problem mingling with people and giving each other time with their friends and people they love socializing with, especially with an Aquarian as their independence is very important. Furthermore, there is a good communication line between the two. Pisces can be creative and innovative in their own ways, which can be their little way to mentally stimulate their Aquarian. Likewise, Aquarians love any audience and as appreciative as Pisces is, they can make an Aquarian fall head over heels over and over with them.

Aquarians can also give Pisces good company, showing them worlds of excitement and pleasure. They are passionate and adventurous.

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Anything to fuel their gusto, they will share with their partners. They are not selfish; they know how to share what they know, what they love, and their freedom. Aquarius seeks partners with less emotional baggage. They are not as sensitive as Pisces is, and this can bring disagreements and heartache on the part of a Pisces. Pisces can have a strong personality, but their innate nature to mind what they feel can annoy their Aquarian.

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Your Daily Pisces Love Horoscope can be helpful in bringing this difference to light. If issues arise, Aquarians rather quickly dismiss things and simply let them pass away. When Pisces demands time and affection, Aquarius can detach themselves and prefer to be alone. Pisces can be too needy for them, and they can end up being a nag and drag.

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  8. Likewise, Aquarians are more analytical and experimental. They pursue things that follow their mind where as Pisces follows the inspiration of their heart and because of this, both can clash. Aquarians can be indecisive, always impulsively going after what they can think. They are tactless and careless what other people may think.

    They will get what they want no matter what.


    Lastly, Pisces can be optimistic and cynical at the same time and their Aquarian never disapproves of this about them. They prefer partners who will want they want and never oppose them. And as hard headed as Pisces is, it can be difficult to persuade them once they make up their minds. Your Daily Pisces Horoscopes can be a helpful tool to understand how to overcome this trait. Don'ts with an Aquarius and Pisces Relationship. This relationship needs balance from both parties for it to work.

    Pisces must learn to give their Aquarians the freedom they need and Aquarians must learn to give in to the stability and security their Pisces needs. If both only learn to compromise, this relationship has a close shot to success. Pisces is compassionate, tender, and generous, and Aquarius should understand that Pisces is not all that.

    There Is No Such Thing As a Cusp Sign

    They can also be intolerant and highly temperamental. So, Aquarian must not be complacent because their Pisces is not all that patient. This keeps your hands always full, and can take a toll upon your health. So you should maintain a balanced lifestyle to keep ailments at bay. Also your sensitive nature tends to get disillusioned easily. Remember brooding is never a solution to any problem — boost your own spirits just as you always inspire your peers. However you are not as good in running a project as you are in initiating it.

    You get very excited about new beginning, but then the monotony of routine hits it you lose interest and track. To achieve success this year you need to brace yourself with patience and perseverance to complete any task that you take up. Those in the creative field would do exceptionally well.

    This makes it possible for you to maintain peace and harmony at home. Your innate sense of compassion makes you reach out to your loved ones whenever they need support. However, sometimes you tend to be living in your own world and your family feels that you are out of reach.

    What's a cusp in astrology?

    This may make them feel insecure — so always champion open communication. However, sometimes you like to have the spotlight on yourself alone. This may create a discord in your relationship. Also, this year it would be best for your own sake to learn not to bottle up feelings. Your partner will be smitten by your devotion and compassion. You should bank upon your own intuitions more rather than on the suggestion of others while making any investment.

    However, you should also learn to control your impulsive nature if you intend to keep the money you make.